Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ugly Sweets Containing Chocolate Chips and Butter

I am convinced that somewhere there exists an alternate universe, parallel to our own, in which all things are aptly described and named. Firefighters drive around in vehicles known as "put OUT the fire" trucks. "Table scraps" are, in fact, little scraps of table. And all homes have retractable tops that roll back to reveal large, soft pillows to cushion the matrimonial downpour at every forecast of a "bridal shower."

But perhaps most importantly, the cookies whose recipe I am highlighting are not called "Chocolate Chunk Cookies" (as so misleadingly labeled by Mark Bittman,) but instead "Malformed Munchies." I mean, look at them. They are misshapen hunks of dough stuck in an oven for 6 minutes. Are they edible? Yes. Tasty? When not burning on the edges because of the ridiculously inconvenient shape into which the recipe instructs you to form them, yes. Cookies? I think that's a bit of a stretch. Try them yourself and see if you get any different results. Though admittedly, I made one small adjustment, which was to use 2/3 c brown sugar and 1/3 c white sugar instead of the recipe's recommended 1 c white sugar. So maybe in that alternate universe, I'm called, "Complains About Recipes When Really, She Can't Follow Directions." The world may never know.

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Emma Kurose said...

i'm reading this while "at work"--the "table scraps" forced me to literally bite my tongue to keep from bursting out in that kind of snorting guffaw. :-D